Automating Employee Expenses Webinar Recording

Learn about expense@work, a flexible and scalable employee expense management solution

After purchasing, employee expense claims are an organisation's biggest unmanaged cost.

expense@work is the most functional, flexible and scalable expense management solution on the market today. It is an intuitive, easy to use system that requires no user training. expense@work provides tailored expense forms that are available anytime/anywhere via a browser, making it easier for mobile/remote workers to update.

Download the recording to view an overview of expense@work, including a look at some of the key features and benefits.

Find out how organisations can leverage expense@work to:

  • Streamline expense authorisation through automated workflow
  • Enforce corporate guidelines and expense rules, including pre-trip authorisation
  • Maintain mileage records and automatically calculated rates and allowances
  • Import credit card statements and updates to the accounting system to avoid transaction duplication
  • Automate reporting to provide complete visibility from approval to reimbursement
  • Gain full visibility of trends in employee expenses, enabling the creation of new rules and the negotiation of better rates on such items as hotels, travel and more


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