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BlackLine Solutions Overview

The BlackLine Finance Controls & Automation Platform automates the financial close, account reconciliation, journal entry and numerous other finance and accounting processes - in one centralised cloud-based system.

BlackLine Technology Platform Brief

BlackLine is the world's most trusted technology for modernising finance and accounting.


BlackLine Continuous Accounting

Moving towards Modern Finance through Continuous Accounting

Account Reconciliations Overview

100,000 accountants and 800+ companies perform their balance sheet account reconciliations in BlackLine.

Task Management Overview

Companies of all sizes manage their close from end-to-end with BlackLine’s Task Management module.

Transaction Matching Overview

BlackLine clients automatically reconcile hundreds of millions of transactions each month with the Transaction Matching tool.

Journal Entry Overview

Create, validate, support, and approve all of your manual journal entries before posting from one central, web-based platform.

Variance Analysis Overview

BlackLine’s automated flux analysis streamlines efforts to track and analyse account variation and budgets/forecasts against actuals for both P&L and balance sheet accounts.

Consolidation Integrity Manager Overview

BlackLine’s Consolidation Integrity Manager automates the tedious system-to-system reconciliation process companies perform each month. The formerly excel-driven process of comparing multiple ledgers to a consolidation system is replaced by an efficient, seamless workflow.

BlackLine Intercompany Hub

Automate the entire intercompany tie-out process from start to finish; raw data to audit ready reconciliation.


BlackLine Compliance

BlackLine Compliance, centralises all control-related data and processes in one cloud-based system. The solution streamlines internal control management for both the organisation and compliance and internal audit teams.


BlackLine for Insurance

The property/casualty and life insurance industries have unique accounting requirements. Many insurance policies are a promise to pay future amounts to clients in return for premium income paid in the current accounting period.


BlackLine for Construction

Construction projects must proceed on a tightly scheduled basis, each aspect concluding in the right order before they are certified. By automating the manual processes inherent in the accounting and finance organisation, companies can manage diverse financial close and period-end accounting tasks simultaneously, monitor these tasks throughout the close, and ensure that they conclude in the proper sequence.


BlackLine for Media and Advertising

Few industries confront the vast changes brought about by innovative technologies as in the media and advertising space. In an evolving industry where nimbleness and streamlined processes can make the difference between survival and dissolution, companies cannot be bogged down with inefficient manual processes when closing the books.


BlackLine for Professional Services

Professional services firms comprise experts in fields such as accounting, legal, engineering, talent recruitment, real estate and medicine. Practitioners emphasis their expertise, experience, ethics and reputation in the pursuit of business. Firms want to ensure their pricing, which is typically billed by the hour, is fair and competitive.


BlackLine ERP Integrations

Speed up your close and increase accuracy, automation, and consistency when you integrate your ERP with BlackLine.


Industry Brief: Modern Retail Accounting

Global retail business is 24/7 and complex. Companies slow to mordernise are at a competitive disadvantage.


BlackLine Global On-demand Security
BlackLine delivers state-of-the-art security that ensures customer data is protected and held as a top priority.