blackline_august_2015_releaseBlackLine, the world’s leader in enhanced finance control and automation software, has released its latest update to the solution suite. The August 2015 release helps clients automate and close every period even faster. It delivers more useful information to users, provides the ability to integrate with thousands of banks and offers a significant development in task management for the financial close.

Besides the many tweaks and smaller enhancements to the BlackLine solution suite in the new release, there are 4 major enhancements to look out for, including:

  1. New Homepage and Dashboards
    It’s now possible to preview the future of the BlackLine homepage when you log-in. View real-time and actionable information on the status of your assignments, account reconciliations and journal entries needing preparation or approval. Reports can be adjusted to drill deeper into various charts.
  2. Yodlee Connector
    The new Yodlee Connector is a simple, in-application integration tool that brings transactions and bank balances directly into BlackLine. This is especially useful for high volume transaction matching scenarios, such as those for credit cards.
  3. Enhanced Reporting for Transaction Matching
    4 new templates bring greater visibility for users as they can now retrieve information from custom data sources, gain perspective on how pass rules are working and view aging items on unmatched transactions, such as time sensitive credit card transactions.
  4. Expanded Cloud Unification and Tasks
    Last but not least, there is an update to the unified cloud in the form of cross-application task dependencies. A milestone task’s sub-tasks now include to-dos from other BlackLine products such as, assigned recurring journal entries and account reconciliations. When these sub-tasks are completed, users can still set the milestone tasks to auto-certify. The cross-product task dependencies increase control in accounting practices.

BlackLine’s financial close products exist on a single unified cloud, which means there are always opportunities to further integrate the existing products in future releases. Clients benefit from the latest software innovations without having to get involved in expensive upgrade projects, often associated with on-premise solutions.

For further information on the enhanced visibility, connectivity and control in the latest BlackLine release, contact us on +44 (0)203 866 8800, send us an email, or download the product release brief for further details:

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