monotypeEclipse has successfully implemented the Eclipse Dynamics Portal (EDP) for Dynamics GP at Monotype, a leading provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for creative applications and consumer devices. EDP provides enhanced functionality to the core Microsoft Dynamics products by providing control of outside data sources. Monotype maintains product information for customer facing WEB based systems. During this initial phase, Monotype’s product information was the focus for integration. Ryan Hallett, Manager of Royalty Operations at Monotype explains, “We have hundreds of thousands of products that we need to synchronize from our various product databases into Dynamics. Since we sell the same products over multiple Dynamics companies, we needed a one step process for integration. EDP provides the bridge we need to streamline and standardize processes.”

Monotype has many outward facing e-commerce sites where they sell typefaces, which produce thousands of sales transactions on a weekly basis. As an extension of the initial project focused on product information, Monotype was able to connect sales transactions from one e-commerce site into Dynamics. According to Ryan Hallett, Manager of Royalty Operations, “the EDP sales portal provides unparalleled capabilities. The validation of sales information is comprehensive and if a transaction fails validation, the end user can simply correct the error and reprocess. It is the only tool that provides such comprehensive control of external sales imports to Dynamics.” Additional imports are planned throughout 2013.

EDP is a .Net based tool that provides data upload, data entry and workflow with approvals. According to Eclipse’ Development Director Samuel Mathew, the product will run on any major browser including, Chrome, IE and Safari. This makes the product cross-platform compliant. Additional releases are planned in 2013 to include PO Processing and a reports distribution portal. Additional information is available here:

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