blackline_4.7BlackLine's Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation Suite provides finance departments with end-to-end functionality that automates and streamlines manual, spreadsheet-driven accounting and finance processes, such as closing the books, reconciling intercompany transactions and tracking key finance controls. In the latest release of the software, v7.4, there are a multitude of new features and enhancements. In addition to some subtle changes to the user interface there are a number of functionality enhancements in the following areas:


  • ERP Drill Down - ERP Drill Down functionality provides a direct link to transactions/ balances within an ERP system from the face of the reconciliation.  ERP Drill Down functionality is applicable for most browser-supported ERP systems. Administrators must coordinate with Eclipse to enable and use this feature.
  • Certification Checklists - Certification Checklist functionality is now available to any account-based role (Preparer, Approver, Reviewer, Account Manager, Account Reviewer, Internal Auditor). Some clients use certification checklists to document evidence of review to ensure compliance with audit requirements.  Administrators can create certification checklists for account-based roles in System > Settings > Certification Checklist Configuration. When a certification checklist is assigned to an account, the checklists completed by each role will be visible by selecting Certification Details/Checklists at the bottom of the reconciliation page.

Transaction Matching

  • Utilization Page - System and Business Administrators can view the volume of transactions imported per month for each data source. This data can be viewed on a new page titled Utilization Page.
  • Running and Scheduling Match Sets - Users can run and schedule the Matching engine from the Match Set Grid (Products > Match > Match Sets), which will allow several Match Sets to be run at the same time.

Journal Entry

  • Journal Masters - Administrators and Preparers can create Journal Masters which allow users to create a log of standard journals. Journal Masters are journals, including assignments, header, line details, and frequency information, that can be used to create a new journal in a future period. For example, a Preparer can create a journal from a Journal Master and update only the amount field.  All other fields in the journal will be the same as the Journal Master.


For further details on the BlackLine solution suite, or for additional information on the latest enhancements, feel free to contact Gary Waylett on +44 (0)203 866 8800 or send an email and we will contact you back. Alternatively, download the Overview brochure for information on all of the BlackLine products, which help organisations modernise their finance and accounting processes:

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