overworked_professional.jpgAll software projects are designed to add efficiencies into their target operations. Whether deploying small modules with limited sets of benefits, or large scale projects with entire re-engineering plans, the challenges are the same for the accounting staff charged with the deployment. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients and partners who are battling the balance between keeping on top of their current duties and working on projects designed to make their daily lives easier. Most end users agree that the completed project will provide more efficient operations, hence reducing the amount of labor required to manage a certain area of their company’s business. Most users also enter into new projects eager and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve the goals.

However, what inevitably happens is that, projects usually suffer from neglect when day-to-day operations demand attention and no time is left for the project commitments. Delays usually result in missed deadlines, additional stress and cost overruns. Stuck in the middle between the management’s demands for improvement and keeping to budgets are the consulting partners. This paradigm is especially relevant for the Eclipse software arena.

We have been delivering software for managing intellectual property, royalty and rights income for over 15 years. In the “good old days”, we were able to easily breeze through projects with full customer participation. About 5 years ago we were seeing more delays due to staffing shortages and time constraints on the part of our clients. We came up with a few new techniques to overcome these challenges. First, we now preconfigure many of the options in our products based upon the particular industry we are working with. After 15 years in a particular industry, we now know 80% of what a client needs in order to be successful. Second, we offer more turnkey platforms like cloud offerings where a client can elect to implement our royalty software off premise. Preconfigured to work specifically for merchandisers or franchisors, we can set up a solution in weeks instead of months via a cloud model. Finally, we deliver reports “out of the box” that are tailored to each market we serve.

All of these techniques allow our clients to focus on their day-to-day jobs and with a small amount of participation; they can achieve a higher level of efficiency once the new software is delivered. While no solution can be achieved without client participation, we have been able to greatly reduce the level of stress placed on our clients.

Here at Eclipse, we provide royalty and rights management solutions for Publishing, Entertainment, Music, Franchising and Merchandising. Our solutions range from simple add-on software to end-to-end,  legacy system replacements.

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