Fri 19th Sept

systems@work have announced the release of the systems@work Version 4.8.3 suite of applications:

  • expense@work Version 4.8.3
  • time@work Version 4.8.3
  • forms@work Version 4.8.3

Version 4.8.3 contains bug fixes and a number of significant enhancements.


There are a number of related usability and logical changes in Approvals based on customer feedback:

  • Fewer buttons to click
    When a user of an approval profile clicks Commit Approvals, the system will prompt for the calculation and posting of modified lines if they haven't already been calculated and posted.
  • You can now associate an approval status value with a status value
    Suppose that you have two statuses for project work – Charge, and Free. You may now associate a Rejected approval status with the Free status so that when you assign Rejected to a transaction in an Approval Profile the status of the transaction will automatically be set to Free.
  • Controlled re-evaluation of approver
    When a primary approver queries a transaction to another project manager and the other project manager changes the project (or any other value) you can now specify that the Returned status should lead to re-evaluation of who should be the primary approver for the transaction. Until now re-evaluation only occurred for Null approval status values, and this required that the primary project manager change the Returned status to a Null status to ensure that the transaction is then be presented to the appropriate primary approver. This is no longer necessary with the right configuration.
  • Invoice prevention
    Until this release it was not possible to prevent the invoicing of a transaction if an approval status definition was linked to conditions in an inquiry profile. For example, if you were to set up two approval stages, the second dependant on the first being completed (and therefore requiring the definition of triggering conditions in an inquiry profile) it was not possible to prevent invoicing of a transaction based on the second approval status. Now it is.
  • You may now set a relative cut-off date
    (e.g. transaction dates 100 days before the current date) to improve performance during the determination of approvals by the Approvals process

Additional Enhancements

  • An enhanced Splitting tool in forms, so that a user can now split to more than two rows, and also by percentage.
  • The selection tool can be used (as opposed to a combo) in forms, timesheets and profiles in the PSW even for analysis values that belong to a non-validated analysis category.
  • An enhanced Ledger Export so that names for exported fields specified by the user can be passed to XML and used in XSL. There will also shortly be three programs to assist in the preparation of files for import into other systems.

For further information on Version 4.8.3, or to suggest some additional enhancements you would like to see please contact us on +44 203 058 1000, or send us an email and we will contact you back.

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