BlackLine is the industry-leading cloud company for Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation (EFCA). The BlackLine November 2015 Release is one of the biggest releases so far and maintains BlackLine's commitment to listening to clients and delivering new enhancements, faster.

The latest release delivers more user-facing features than any other update this year, bringing a wealth of new functionality that sees new levels of automation, transparency and flexibility, while users get access to new tools for collaboration, reporting and journal management, along with an improved user experience. The combination of features facilitates collaboration across workflows, broad system access from anywhere, unprecedented visibility into multi-entity organisations and benchmarking analytics for accounting.

Here is a rundown of some of the key new features and updates to look out for:

  • The Mobile App
    The brand new mobile app is available on android and iOS and is designed for approvers, reviewers and managers. The app includes the ability to drill down into your reconciliations to see their status at any time and to actually approve or reject them within the application. The mobile app helps accountants at the end of the period as they are no longer chained to their desks so they don’t need to use the application on their desktop, they can use it on their phone instead. This is handy for reconciliations that do not need a lot of review as they can be quickly checked and certified. 
    BlackLine are launching a new public website that provides full transparency for clients to see real time statistics on BlackLine’s availability and performance metrics.
  • Intercompany Settlement
    The BlackLine Intercompany Hub is a global clearinghouse solution for intercompany transaction management. The product already delivers automated journal entry creation and posting as well as invoice generation for inter-entity transactions. New within ICH is the Settlement Matrix, which enables business leaders to see the transactions and totals between initiators and recipients, i.e. who owes who within a company or across entities and drill down into each for more information. Companies will get unprecedented visibility across the entire organisation.
  • Journal Entry Worksheet Lines
    Excel-like abilities have been added to the journal lines grid, enabling the copy and paste of journal lines into BlackLine. This is very useful for accountants who are used to working in Excel as they can now add, edit, remove and manipulate journals lines quickly and easily.
  • Quick Create Button
    The new global Create button allows a user to quickly create a new record from a list of templates for journals, intercompany transactions, admin or task requests, instead of having to navigate to different applications in BlackLine.

These are just some of the new features that dramatically enhance BlackLine’s Unified Cloud Platform. For further information, or to request a personalised demonstration, please contact Gary Waylett on +44 (0)203 866 8800. Alternatively, for a full list of new features, download the November 2015 product release brochure:

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