expenseatwork_logo.jpgFollowing the release of the billing and time recording software time@work version 6 at the end of July, expense@work version 6 was released on 5th September 2016. expense@work automates the entire employee expenses claim process and integrates with all major financial systems. Version 6 of both time@work and expense@work feature a radically overhauled user interface, easier navigation, improved reporting and enhanced mobile support.

Here is an overview of what's new in expense@work version 6:

PSW Graphical Revision

The browser-based Professional Services Workbench (PSW) has been radically revised to provide a more modern and easier to use interface. Navigation pages are now responsive to the device you are using.

  • The ‘Home Page’ is now the ‘Today’ tab. Tabs contain panels where links to forms, or reports, or other functions are listed. Panels for which there are no current data or functions are not shown.
  • The To Do panel on the Today tab lists tasks that you must perform on your own behalf – expenses, forms, etc.
  • The Approve panel on the Today tab lists tasks that you must perform on behalf of others – expenses to authorise, forms to authorise or review, transactions to approve, etc.
  • A Reports panel lists reports that have been specified as useful on this tab.
  • A Shortcuts panel (shown on every tab) provides links to most-used Reports, and Employees you are related to through a Role.
  • News are no longer shown following Login, but the most recent item of News is shown in a separate panel on the Today tab.
  • ‘Selection’ (opening forms, reports, etc.) is now consistently through the clicking of an icon You will no longer open forms by clicking on a Form Reference.
  • The Modify Password and Employee Details options are now accessed by clicking the small triangle, or the employee code or name, in the top right hand corner of the page (next to the new Help button).
  • Administration tools (Ledger Modification, Data Import, Ledger Export, Form Control) are listed in a panel on the Administration tab, where links to Reference Data (Employees, Clients, Expense Types, Reasons, etc.) can also be found.
  • Inquiry Profiles (in Reports panels and in customisable panels in the Reporting tab) are now either profiles that present a grid of data, or profiles that present a report rendered by Crystal Reports or Microsoft Reporting Services, not both.
  • All types of reports are listed in Reports panels or customisable panels in the Reporting tab without differentiation. You need no longer know in advance that a report is a Status Inquiry report, an Active Schedule report or any other type of report.
  • Form History is available from a separate History tab. All Form History includes forms you have submitted, confirmed, authorised or reviewed.


Static Data Inquiries

  • A new type of report has been introduced. Static Data Inquiries enable you to report on Employees, Expense Types, or Analysis Values, irrespective of whether transactions exist for any of these.
  • Static Data Inquiries may also be configured to export data into Excel spreadsheets, or CSV text files, so that these can be imported back into expense@work or into other systems.
  • Static Data Inquiries may also be scheduled for execution by the Task Scheduler.

Mobile Browser Interface

  • With the introduction of the iOS and Android Apps, systems@work are no longer supporting the separate mobile browser based interface.

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