ERRMS - Franchisor Based Accounting

A Solution for Franchisors

Franchisors are burdened with the complexities of managing revenue generated by their network of partners. As their brand becomes more successful and reaches explosive growth, the complexities of managing hundreds of locations puts a strain on management’s ability to provide accurate and timely financial results. Multiple solutions are available for point of sale solutions, but comprehensive centralized Franchisor based solutions are limited. Eclipse has created a fully integrated Franchisor Based solution “out of the box” for seamlessly managing the entire life cycle. ERRMS - Franchisor Based Accounting (ERRMS-FBA) is our end-to-end solution, based upon the Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting solution, to provide best-in-class software, services and ongoing support for growing Franchisors.

With ERRMS Franchisor Based Accounting you get:

  • A scalable, out-of-the-box franchise accounting solution
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics™ GP (formerly Great Plains)
  • Management of complex franchise based fees such as royalty income and Ad Shares
  • Automated calculation and posting of revenue streams
  • Transparent and flexible reporting
  • A full audit trail


  • Streamline the royalty accounting process
    ERRMS is tightly integrated to the Dynamics Sales module. Immediately upon recording sales, the corresponding royalty obligation is captured. No longer will clients be required to load sales into another module delaying royalty calculations by days or even months. And because our system is integrated, GL and payments are captured seamlessly as well.
  • Eliminate manual tasks
    Many systems require manual postings to record cash receipts or to record payments. ERRMS fully automates all of the steps in the royalty process. Expenses and accruals are automatically posted to GL. We account for advances and preform auto-recoupment. Payments are also automated. With ERRMS, most manual tasks are eliminated leaving more time to perform research and contract adhearance.
  • Satisfy compliance and audit requirements
    With stand alone systems, much can be left to chance when compliance testing occurs, exposing clients to potential license revocation. ERRMS maintains a 100% audit trail to all of the source documents within Dynamics GP. Elegant drill back routines allow individual transactions to be traced back to their source. The application is totally integrated so reconciliation of multiple systems is eliminated.

For more information on ERRMS-FBA please contact Joe Lerro, President of Eclipse Inc.,
on +1 201 746 6255 or register your interest here and we will call you back.

Customer Testimonial

''At Harvest House Publishers, we process large volumes of transactions every day and our requirements are very dynamic. In working with Eclipse over the past 5 years, we find that their product, Eclipse Royalty & Rights Management System, along with their ongoing support, have contributed to our overall success''.

Stephanie Osbourne, Director of IT & Order Fulfilment at Harvest House Publishers