Eclipse Royalty & Rights Management System (ERRMS)


ERRMS is the only completely comprehensive intellectual property management application designed for the mid-market. It is also the only royalty accounting solution designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). ERRMS provides industry specific features with efficient, end-to-end support for all your needs.

Using a best practice approach developed over the past 20 plus years, ERRMS can be implemented at a fraction of the cost and can be operating in a live environment in a significantly shorter timeframe when compared to other established ERP and legacy rights and royalty management solutions.

ERRMS Publishing

ERRMS Publishing

With ERRMS Publishing you get:

  • A scalable, out-of-the-box solution

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics™ GP

  • Management of author royalties and advances

  • Sub Licensing and Syndication Support

  • Support for Complex Distribution Channels and Complex Tiers

  • Holdback and Reserve Accounting

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ERRMS Merchandizing

With ERRMS Merchandizing you get:

  • A scalable, out-of-the-box solution

  • Seamless integration with Dynamics GP

  • Management of complex product royalties

  • Automated payment processing

  • Transparent and flexible reporting

  • A full audit trail

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ERRMS Media & Entertainment

With ERRMS Media & Entertainment you get:

  • A scalable, out-of-the-box solution for Revenue and Expense Tracking

  • Seamless integration with Dynamics GP

  • Revenue Tracking For Gross or Net Reporting

  • Integrated Expense Tracking

  • A full Audit Trail

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Eclipse Dynamics Portal (EDP)

EDP comprises four separate modules, each of which has been specifically designed to further streamline the royalty and rights accounting process and enhance the standard Dynamics GP features. It is designed for companies that process high volumes of transactions, or require more flexibility in the manner of recording information.

Each portal application can be deployed individually or as part of the complete suite. Modules include: Sales Portal, Item Portal, Purchasing Portal, Reports Portal. 

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ERRMS Franchisor Based Accounting (FBA)

ERRMS contains a full solution for managing royalties within Franchise Accounting. Royalty income from franchisees can be aggregated and processed for recording all of the typical franchise based income categories. Once the calculations are processed, full integration within Dynamics GP allows automatic capturing of the weekly or monthly revenue streams in a totally hands free process.

Typical revenue calculations include; Royalty Income, Ad Revenue, Deferred Income and Loan Payments. Other user-defined categories can be set up by the customer to generate user-defined calculations making franchise accounting a seamless process for any parent company.

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We provide the Sharperlight reporting and business intelligence suite for use in the royalty process, the Dynamics products, or across other business systems.

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Customer Testimonial

''At Harvest House Publishers, we process large volumes of transactions every day and our requirements are very dynamic. In working with Eclipse over the past 5 years, we find that their product, Eclipse Royalty & Rights Management System, along with their ongoing support, have contributed to our overall success''.

Stephanie Osbourne, Director of IT & Order Fulfilment at Harvest House Publishers