Meet and Exceed Your Reporting Requirements with Sharperlight   Webinar Recording

Gain real time access to data across various business applications

Many organisations have reporting tools that lack the functionality required to meet existing reporting requirements, let alone adapt to change in the future.

Sharperlight sits on top of existing business systems, providing you with real time access to data across various business applications. You can carry out rapid analysis with an easy to use query engine over single or multiple applications simultaneously.

Download the recording to view a high level demonstration of the following Sharperlight tools:

  • Sharperlight XL, the native Excel add-in, provides seamless, real time access to information stored in your business applications.
  • WebChannel, providing you with web browser access to Sharperlight content without having to install desktop applications.
  • Dashboard, delivering you an instant view of sales, cost of sales etc. across your organisation.
  • Query Builder, the common user interface shared across the Sharperlight suite, providing the ability to create queries and reports.

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