Royalty and Rights Management

The Challenges

With multiple partners involved in the licensing of any single product, corresponding negotiations and revenue sharing contracts are no longer simple. Royalty and rights calculations and the associated licensing contracts are more complex than ever and specific software for revenue and contract management is required. There has been a rise in companies consolidating to capitalize on broader distribution through cross-promotion of combined assets, thus leveraging popular content. This has brought about complex creative revenue-sharing contracts.


Excessive Manual Effort

Your spreadsheet-based royalty accounting processes are slow and require excessive manual effort. Many of the formulas are error prone or inaccurate. You have to manually process thousands of royalty transactions in a very short window. There is no integration with your finance system so when you are recording sales no corresponding royalty obligation is captured. You have to load sales into another system, delaying royalty calculations by days or even months.


Expensive Legacy Royalty Systems

You have a legacy royalty and rights management system, which may have been developed in-house, which is expensive to maintain and undocumented.  Many of the calculations are error prone and the system is cumbersome to operate.


Unable to Satisfy Audit Requirements

You are struggling to satisfy compliance and audit requirements. You have no drill-back routines that allow individual transactions to be traced back to their source.


Difficulties Managing Royalty Income

You cannot manage royalty income in an efficient manner. Income reports are received with incomplete information, resulting in Excel based data manipulation and capturing of income transactions. Results must be manually entered into your sales ledgers to record transactions.

What We Do

We help organizations streamline processes, eradicate duplication of effort and reduce the costs associated with the day-to-day management and administration of royalties and rights. Our solutions replace inefficient processes with best-practice workflows and automation, resulting in significant time savings and increased accuracy.


We engage with our clients to determine their high-level business and technical requirements.


We build and deploy royalty accounting solutions that meet the requirements of the client.


We provide ongoing support and training to ensure the smooth running of our client’s operation.

Our Approach

The Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework is the embodiment of our own best practice, enabling us to deliver solutions to organisations in an extremely efficient and cost effective way.

Core Lifecycle Diagram

The Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework comprises 7 distinct stages: Engage; Plan; Design; Build; Deploy; Support; Optimise. We provide extensive training and support throughout the Lifecycle Services Framework cycle.

Each stage of the lifecycle has specific outputs and deliverables, which means that your organisation can clearly see what they are paying for at the point of engagement. It also ensures you have peace of mind knowing that there will be no shortcuts even if we are capable of delivering our solutions faster and more efficiently than traditionally expected. Download the Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework brochure.

Software We Use

We provide a range of royalty accounting, financial management and reporting solutions, including: ERRMS Publishing, ERRMS Merchandizing, ERRMS Media and Entertainment, ERRMS for Franchise Accounting, Eclipse Dynamics Portal, Dynamics GP financial management and Sharperlight business intelligence and reporting. 

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Companies we have helped

"As an ex-royalty auditor, I was exposed to many different royalty systems. I have to say that the Eclipse Royalty and Rights Management System is one of the most reliable, technically advanced and fully controlled systems I have ever used."


Ryan H Hallett, Manager of Royalty Operations

"We find that their product, Eclipse Royalty and Rights Management System, along with their ongoing support, has contributed to our overall success."


Stephanie Osbourne, Director of IT & Order Fulfilment
Harvest House Publishers


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Customer Testimonial

“Without the Eclipse Royalty and Rights Management System, we would not be able to run our business and meet our royalty contract requirements”

Michael Lewis, President & CEO Team Beans and Forever Collectibles

Client Since 2000