The Six Skills Accountants Need to Survive the Robot Uprising

What you think you need for the robot uprising may be different from what you really need...

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Robots can do a lot of boring tasks very quickly, far faster and more accurately than a human being. By reducing the time needed for mind-numbing transactional work, robots enable human beings to do the work that really matters—such as writing symphonies, sending rovers to Mars, and, for accountants, transcending the function of bean counter and transitioning to the role of strategic counsel.

As the robots do the boring stuff they’re meant to do— automate the sheet out of transactional work—accountants get to become the exceptional analysts they were always meant to be. And just in time.

Historically, accountants have been responsible for the bread and butter of finance—efficient accounting operations, clean audits, and compliance. Yet companies today need much more from the finance function.

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