About Sharperlight

Sharperlight is an easy to use, fast to implement reporting and business intelligence solution, providing live, out of the box access to a wide variety of popular business systems, including SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Infor SunSystems. With the development of a Custom Datamodel, an intelligent connector to the application database, it can also extend access to any solution and its data sources, delivering a comprehensive, enterprise wide BI solution.


Utilising a simple to use query engine, Sharperlight is able to combine data from multiple systems simultaneously to create user designed reports and dashboards which can be quickly distributed over the web. The tool aligns perfectly in mature BI environments, co-existing with other business solutions, or it can provide a framework for companies looking to take their reporting strategy to the next level.


Organisations that have utilised Sharperlight benefit from:

  • Short timeframe implementation – implementation is quick and effortless, despite the potential complexities of integration with existing business systems
  • Increased accuracy – more accurate information due to the ability to quickly and easily report from multiple databases
  • Enhanced decision making – better business decisions are made due to the increased accuracy that is achieved through greater visibility. Users are able to view information that was previously inaccessible by drilling down directly into source data
  • Time and money savings – the solution runs on top of a moderate sized SQL Server and it is able to return complex data queries searching many files often faster than large scale production servers, such as Oracle. Save money via simply enhancing your existing BI strategy without having to re-implement a whole new strategy
  • More proactive staff - data is seamlessly uploaded into an organisation's finance system automatically, so days saved in report writing can be put into more value-add activities, such as quality checking

Customer Testimonial

“It’s a very good product and has had a major impact on our business. It’s really transformed much of what we do because it’s so fast. You write a report in Sharperlight, just press the button and away you go.”

Simon Robinson, Financial Controller at Doctors Chambers