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BlackLine: Simplifying Insurance Statement Reconciliation with Ease

It's no secret that insurance statement reconciliations are not for the faint of heart. Necessary as they are, ask any broker about them and you're bound to get a sigh and an eye-roll. With brokers often dealing with many different insurance companies, each with their own method of statement generation and format, the statement reconciliation process can...

Posted by Gary Waylett - 26 October 2017

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Could Ignition Select have avoided closure with better fraud prevention technology?

The disastrous impact of fraud allegations made headlines earlier this year when one business owner lost his two businesses in a single week.

Posted by Linda Scott - 26 October 2017

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Meeting Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry with Sharperlight

In a marketplace with rising global demands, stringent environmental regulations and highly volatile prices, the oil and gas industry is more in need than ever of in-depth business intelligence (BI) if it is to remain successful in the face of its challenges.

However, owing to its often unique organisational structure, this industry commonly faces...

Posted by Richard Hughes - 11 September 2017

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