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The Challenges

Organisations are looking for more effective ways of working in today’s digital workplace to increase employee engagement and remain agile. They are turning to next generation technology to leverage data, analytics, mobility, social business, and cloud computing.

We partner with Infor and UniFi to provide a range of cloud, integration and automation solutions to help organisations overcome their growing business challenges. We have been implementing and supporting the Infor SunSystems financial management platform (previously known as Sun Accounts) since 1987 and are an Infor Gold partner.

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High Costs

Traditional, on-premise financial and business management solutions can be costly as customer organisations are responsible for ongoing hardware and software costs, IT resources, the various environments and dependencies required to update the software, as well as license, maintenance and upgrade fees. Time-consuming tasks, such as maintaining existing infrastructure, or refreshing test environments, are also their responsibility. As a result, organisations are increasingly looking to cloud automation platforms, cloud financial management and cloud-based SaaS solutions to convert software from being a capital expenditure to an operational expense (CapEX to OpEX), to achieve greater flexibility and meet their ever-changing organisational needs.


Increased Security and Compliance Demands

Organisations are under increased pressure to keep pace with the latest industry updates and there is a growing complexity around security. There is a need to simplify compliance, providing organisations with peace of mind by automating processes and procedures to ensure they remain compliant without having to take any action. There has recently been an increase in security threats and organisations require their business management solutions to remain secure at all times so they are not at risk of an attack.


Lack of Flexibility

Quite often, organisations find that their financial and business management solutions lack the flexibility required to keep pace with their growing requirements as their businesses change and evolve. Traditional finance systems, for example, can lock organisations into rules and structures that are not easily adapted. Organisations are therefore unable to react as quickly as they need to. There is a need for greater agility, to be able to combine business requirements and processes with business solutions, to be able to effectively transform digitally.

Increased Service Demands

In today’s working environment, organisations increasingly require 24/7 service and support as employees work from different locations, at different times and on various devices. Employees need to be able to access systems securely and reliably when and where they want. Business continuity is essential in today’s workplace as downtime means lost revenue.

What We Do

We help organisations to increase productivity, optimise workflows, reduce manual intervention, duplication of effort and enhance accuracy by providing a range of cloud, integration & automation solutions, which streamline accounting and finance processes.


We engage with our clients to determine their high-level business and technical requirements and design an initial project plan.


We build and deploy integrated finance control and automation solutions that meet the requirements of the client.


We provide ongoing support, training and strategic reviews to ensure the smooth running of our client’s operation.

Our Approach

The Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework is the embodiment of our own best practice, enabling us to deliver solutions to organisations in an extremely efficient and cost effective way.


The Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework comprises 7 distinct stages: Engage; Plan; Design; Build; Deploy; Support; Optimise. We provide extensive training and support throughout the Lifecycle Services Framework cycle.

Each stage of the lifecycle has specific outputs and deliverables, which means that your organisation can clearly see what they are paying for at the point of engagement. It also ensures you have peace of mind knowing that there will be no shortcuts even if we are capable of delivering our solutions faster and more efficiently than traditionally expected. Download the Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework brochure.

Software We Use

We provide a range of cloud, integration and automation solutions from Infor, including, SunSystems Cloud, on-premise and hybrid, Infor OS (including Infor ION, Infor Document Management and Infor Ming.le), Infor Enterprise Performance Management (Infor EPM), and Infor Expense Management. We also provide the UniFi complete business platform and one-stop solution, including all the add-ins and enhancements an ERP or finance system requires.

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"We are users of Infor SunSystems and Vision from Eclipse. We have been working with Eclipse since 2001 and it’s always been a very solid and good partnership for us".


Rob van Wersch
Takii Europe

"We have a good relationship with Eclipse and whenever we have had to contact them the team has been very responsive, both through the help desk and in person. The consultancy services provided by Eclipse are very useful and have given us some great ideas that have proved very productive".


David Belk, Finance Manager
Mental Health Concern

Customer Testimonial

''Eclipse have a proven track record of implementing SunSystems over many years and their knowledge of the product is excellent. During the implementation process Eclipse's project management was very impressive and this ensured that the system went live on time and within budget.''

Susannah Brown, Financial Controller at Alpha Plus Group