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About Infor Document Management

infor_document_managementThe Infor Document Management content repository helps organisations overcome the challenges associated with manual document processing and unstructured content by consolidating all business documents, whilst ensuring that common practices around governing the permissions around documents are enforced. The solution enables you to work with the most accurate information, whilst ensuring that everyone in your organisation is working together.

IDM enables you to streamline document-centric business processes through the integration of all your documents with your core business processes inside your financial management platform (such as SunSystems), or business application (such as Infor d/EPM). This in turn helps to optimise decision making. You can edit documents in either the clients supplied by IDM or in Microsoft Office applications. You can also collaborate by working on documents in other Infor solutions, such as Infor ION workflows, or use them as shared content in Infor Ming.le conversations.

IDM Capture, powered by Ephesoft, is a smart document capture solution, offered as a plug-in application for the IDM cloud document management system, and is integrated with Infor OS multi-tenant.




IDM Capture

IDM Capture is powered by Ephesoft® Smart Capture™ Technology, which provides an Optical Character Recognition tool and Intelligent Character Recognition capabilities, bringing complete document capture processes. IDM Capture can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution.

Ephesoft Transact is the software under the hood of IDM Capture. Ephesoft Transact enables the conversion of machine-printed and hand-printed text into digital formats, thereby diversifying the type of information that can be utilised through the application.

IDM Capture enables you to scan and connect to your documents through a web browser without having to install software on your machine. The solution enables the retrieval of supporting documentation directly from the application in use, and in doing so the platform reduces errors, as well as the time and cost of invoice processing.

Customer Testimonial

 "This is a powerful system that adds value, productivity and improves our processes."

Charles Hooper, Washington Healthcare Authority

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