SunSystems Highlights     

  • Infor-SunSystems-Monitor-Screenshot-1Infor OS and SunSystems Cloud Services
  • Sophisticated multi-currency capabilities
  • Real-time analytics and business intelligence
  • Unified ledgers
  • Multiple books for IFRS and GAAP reporting
  • Multi-site subsidiaries
  • Enterprise data management
  • Localised reporting
  • Flexible and comprehensive allocations

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SunSystems Financial Modules

SunSystems financial modules are specifically designed to provide immediate access to all finance information for fast and effective decision making. Modules include: Foundation and Accounting, Fixed Asset Management, Corporate Allocations, Advanced Inquiry, Consolidation (data aggregation).


SunSystems Business Modules

SunSystems business modules streamline sales order entry, manage customer information, pricing and invoicing within SunSystems. Modules include: Sales Invoicing (standard), Sales Invoicing (recurring), Contract Service Billing, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Invoice Register, Purchase Invoice Processing and Inventory Management.

SunSystems Enhancment Modules

SunSystems Enhancement Modules

SunSystems enhancement modules are designed to prevent users having to re-key transactions that already exist in SunSystems. Infor SunSystems Cash Desk modules include: Banklinks for Business (B4B), eRemit, Collect (debtor management) and Bank Reconciliation.

Infor Reporting & Analytics

Infor Reporting & Analytics

Infor Query & Analysis (Q&A) provides a unique insight into financial and operational performance by providing drill down analysis into multiple dimensions of your SunSystems data. Infor Enterprise Performance Management (Infor EPM) is an integrated business intelligence software designed to help you improve operational insights in order to power better business decisions.


Infor OS

Future-proof your business with Infor OS - the foundation for a connected, intelligent integration network that automates, anticipates, predicts and inform your stakeholders in everything they do.

Infor OS underpins SunSystems Cloud and is offered as a subscription-based service, with direct access to the Infor support team. Infor OS applications we provide include, Infor ION, Infor Document Management, Infor d/EPM and Infor Ming.le.


Infor Integration

The Infor ION advanced middleware platform helps the flow of information between applications, analytics, social media and a powerful business vault. With Infor ION, businesses get common reporting and analysis, workflow and business monitoring with one, consistent architecture.

Infor Collaboration

Infor Collaboration

Infor Ming.le™ is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, which leverages the power of the ION Integration Framework to help unify business applications and their data into a single intuitive interface that is as easy to use as Facebook or Twitter. 


Infor Expense Management (XM)

Infor Expense Management is a comprehensive solution for automating and managing the full range of employee-initiated spending. It includes a collection of distinct functional modules.

Customer Testimonial

''Eclipse have a proven track record of implementing SunSystems over many years and their knowledge of the product is excellent. During the implementation process Eclipse's project management was very impressive and this ensured that the system went live on time and within budget.''

Susannah Brown, Financial Controller at Alpha Plus Group