SunSystems: Features, Benefits and Modules

Key Statistics    sunsystems-features-and-benefits                    

  • 35+ years industry experience        
  • More than 9,000 customers
  • Deployed in more than 190 countries
  • 24/7 access to real-time information  

Key Features and Benefits

  • Highly configurable software
    Seamlessly integrate SunSystems and existing business systems to meet statutory and management reporting requirements at every level. Role-based data flows are delivered in-context to desktop or mobile devices. Support complex company structures and two-tier enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategies.
  • Comprehensive and flexible analysis capabilities
    SunSystems has extensive user defined analytical capabilities which enables local, regional and international management and statutory reporting requirements to be met. Analysis can be categorised across multiple dimensions with the ability to set up custom fields for sub-data analysis. You can analyse many types of data in different ways to meet your unique inquiry and reporting requirements. You can analyse selected types of static data, for example ledger accounts, assets, products and all types of transactional data. With an unlimited number of uses for analysis dimensions SunSystems provides the ability to analyse and report on data at cost centre, product, location, branch, project or sales area reporting.
  • Powerful, role-based reporting
    SunSystems' unified ledger empowers entire organisations to make better decisions and gain actionable insight with in-context analytics and BI that complement core reporting data. Drill back to source transactions to take immediate action and react faster to potential problems with proactive alerts.
  • Budgeting and forecasting
    SunSystems has a built-in budgeting module for simplified financial forecasting direct from source. The integrated budgeting tools provide real time access to the underlying SunSystems actual and budget/forecast data. Web based templates allow quick and easy implementation of budgets, and the approvals staging facility enables full accountability and visibility at every stage of the process.
  • Flexible deployment
    Manage complex business changes, updates and international financial requirements with localised support for regional reporting regulations. Flexible deployment options align with new growth strategies, while easily updating processes post-implementation to capitalise on market changes.

Ledger Accounting

Unified ledgers: SunSystems incorporates all ledgers in one place enabling real-time posting across Sales, Purchasing and General ledgers. There is powerful analytics and drill down capabilities and SunSystems' unified ledger empowers organisations to make better decisions and gain actionable insight through core reporting data. Drill back to source transactions for immediate action and react faster to potential issues with proactive alerts.

Multi-currency capabilities: SunSystems' in-built multi-currency facility enables simplified management and reporting of international transactions. Post in any currency, set up foreign exchange rates for revaluation and reporting with options for daily or period exchange rates.

Multi-company capabilities: SunSystems' enables an unlimited number of companies to be defined, with their own unique corporate, regional or local currency and analytical structures.  This makes SunSystems particularly suited to meet the accounting and reporting requirements of multi-entity, multi-location organisations.

sunsystems-fixed assets

Fixed Assets

SunSystems includes a highly configurable asset register catering for all standard depreciation methods with provision for customised schemes. Powerful analysis tools enable assets to be categorised and reported on with user defined dimensions according to your business needs. Multi-currency capability allows for purchase costs, depreciation and revaluations to be recorded in any chosen currency with built in tracking for a full audit trail of the asset lifecycle. Watch the video. 


Corporate Allocations

SunSystems Corporate Allocations enables automated inter-company, cross company and inter-ledger allocation of all revenues, charges and expenses. User defined rules allow automated postings between business units, across departments and cost centres including re-charge capability plus trial posting validation prior to commitment. 

Automated Payment Processing

SunSystems' built in payment module enables complete automation of the accounts payable and receivables process. This module is complemented further when used with B4B (Banklinks for Business). SunSystems seamless interface with B4B enables output direct to the bank for Electronic Funds Transfers or online banking. The B4B and SunSystems payment module accommodates all bank formats and payment types. 

Infor Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

SunSystems' Sales Order Processing module is a comprehensive sales management system for sales order entry, invoicing, contract and inventory management. Highly configurable, the software can be tailored to suit the sales order and invoicing process that specifically meets your business needs. Inventory management enables high visibility with robust batch and lot controls for full traceability. Multiple pricing options and analysis enable product profiling within the inventory which can also be updated in real time through SunSystem integration capability.          


Purchase Order Management

SunSystems' multi-faceted purchase management system incorporates all your purchasing needs from purchase orders and requisitions to purchase invoicing, receipting and contract management. The system’s advanced capability enables both centralised and decentralised purchasing for optimum efficiency company wide. Employees can purchase autonomously while remaining within authorised limits allowing robust control over purchasing activity. The built-in multi-level approvals system ensures workflows stay within pre-defined rules according to your corporate policy.

Customer Testimonial

''Eclipse have a proven track record of implementing SunSystems over many years and their knowledge of the product is excellent. During the implementation process Eclipse's project management was very impressive and this ensured that the system went live on time and within budget.''

Susannah Brown, Financial Controller at Alpha Plus Group