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About our Sharperlight Services

sharperlight-gold-partner-logoAs a Sharperlight Gold Partner and Technical Enterprise Solutions Provider we provide a range of Sharperlight services, including:

  • Consultancy Services
    We have been offering Sharperlight consultancy services since 2013. We have a highly-experienced consultancy team who focus on building long term business relationships. Our expertise lies in helping organisations to take their reporting to the next level, beyond the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets. Our consultancy staff come from strong accounting or business management backgrounds and many are multi-lingual.
  • Implementation Services
    Our Sharperlight implementations are fast, despite the potential complexities of integration with existing business systems.
  • Integration Services
    The Sharperlight tool provides live, out-of-the-box access to a wide variety of popular business systems, including Infor SunSystems, SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Sharperlight Excel add-in provides seamless integration with Microsoft Excel.

Sharperlight Specialisms

  • Enterprise Reporting
    Eclipse have extensive experience in all aspects of the Sharperlight enterprise reporting solution. From the web channel and dashboards through Excel reporting and scheduling across multiple systems and locations. Our vision of Sharperlight is completely aligned with that of Sharperlight themselves. We know what it takes to start small and grow Sharperlight into a true enterprise-wide reporting and BI solution, and have successfully managed this process with clients worldwide.
  • Custom Data Model Development
    As well as being adept in deploying Sharperlight across many of the standard ERP datamodels, we can help customers rapidly develop connections across any data source. We have done this for time management applications, property management solutions, technical insurance systems, procurement applications and many more, in sectors such as financial services, education, housing, and not-for-profit.
  • Integration and Customised Solution Development
    We use Sharperlight and the power of Foundry as an application framework to develop integrations between many back office systems. From technical reconciliations, uploads to cloud-based consolidation tools, integrations and connectors to and from finance systems. Sharperlight is a quick and cost-effective tool that takes away the complexity in connecting different elements of your application landscape.
  • Data Transformation and Agile Data Marts
    Whether leveraging existing investments in tools such as Power BI or Tableau or building a data warehouse on the fly from scratch, we have helped customers deliver meaningful results in days, where they had previously been struggling for months with a traditional BI approach. We also use Sharperlight to aid data migrations between systems, building a consistent, repeatable and auditable approach to transforming data from target to source systems. Sharperlight is truly a force multiplier that allows the customer to take back control of their data.

For further information, please contact us on +44 (0)203 866 8800, or request a callback from Gary Waylett, CEO of Eclipse:

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Customer Testimonial

“It’s a very good product and has had a major impact on our business. It’s really transformed much of what we do because it’s so fast. You write a report in Sharperlight, just press the button and away you go.”

Simon Robinson, Financial Controller at Doctors Chambers

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