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About Infor Expense Management

Infor Expense Management is cloud based expense management software, which is easy to maintain, efficient to use, and supports mobile usage and social collaboration. The solution helps eliminate manual processes—and the headaches and mistakes that go along with them. Infor Expense Management is a suite of four integrated applications (Expense Reports, Travel Plans, Payment Requests, and Timesheets) that can be used either individually or in any combination. With seamless integration between Infor Expense Management and your other Infor applications, you get a consumer-grade experience—built for enterprise users. Check out the video clip. Alternatively, find out how to save money and remain compliant with expense automation.


Expense Reports

A core component of Infor Expense Management, Expense Reports gives you powerful control over reporting employee spending. This sophisticated reporting service gives you the visibility you need to take control of these costs and identify opportunities for improvement.

Even better, you can adjust and update business rules,  configurations, and policies on your own, as your needs require.


Travel Plans

Expense Management Travel Plans helps you capture a wealth of corporate and employee data with far more detail than you’ll find in most financial systems of record.

With Expense Management Travel Plans, you’ll be able to automate the entire travel experience—from pre-trip planning to post-trip reimbursement.  Minimizing travel costs, enforcing travel policies, and eliminating unnecessary travel means continually implementing new processes—checks and balances that help influence travel policy compliance.


Payment Requests

Expense Management Payment Requests automates the slow and often cumbersome employee-initiated process of requesting vendor payments. You can track non-PO purchases centrally, make more timely payments, and realize considerable cost savings by reducing the workload placed on your accounts payable personnel.



Expense Management Timesheets delivers powerful time-tracking capabilities, so you can avoid manual, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks. You can reduce the hassle, time, and cost of entering and processing employee time and attendance. Best of all, Infor Expense Management Timesheets uses innovative workflow business rules, so it works alongside your company’s business policies.

Customer Testimonial

 "Infor Expense Management helped us cut an amazingly large portion of our corporate spending on travel."

Elizabeth Eriksen Assistant VP, Accounting, Raymond James & Associates

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