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How to end the nightmare of working with legacy finance systems

In the financial industry, legacy IT systems are a common point of contention. Legislative and legal implications mean financial institutions must keep data for six years from the closing date of the last financial year before changing to a new system. While such legislation is designed to offer many aspects of protection, it can also keep financial...

Posted by Linda Scott - 29 November 2017

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Could Ignition Select have avoided closure with better fraud prevention technology?

The disastrous impact of fraud allegations made headlines earlier this year when one business owner lost his two businesses in a single week.

Posted by Linda Scott - 26 October 2017

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Meeting Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry with Sharperlight

In a marketplace with rising global demands, stringent environmental regulations and highly volatile prices, the oil and gas industry is more in need than ever of in-depth business intelligence (BI) if it is to remain successful in the face of its challenges.

However, owing to its often unique organisational structure, this industry commonly faces...

Posted by Richard Hughes - 11 September 2017

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