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How Does Infor OS Help Organisations with Digital Transformation?

In today’s fast-paced working environment, organisations are faced with increased business complexity. Many organisations have a portfolio of disparate, disconnected, and highly modified business management systems with no way of accessing one single source of truth. To stay competitive and grow, organisations must embrace digital transformation. There is a...

Posted by Cameron Linnett - 17 October 2023

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SunSystems Cloud: Top 10 FAQs

Since the much-awaited SunSystems Cloud (SunSystems 7) was launched back in 2022, we have been busy working with our clients on their digital transformation journeys, helping them make the switch from prior SunSystems releases to the latest 100% cloud based financial management software. Whether you are new to SunSystems and are searching for a cloud...

Posted by Cameron Linnett - 19 September 2023

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SunSystems Cloud: A Perfect Match for Growing Organisations

Organisations need a robust financial management system (FMS) to grow successfully. They also need a modern FMS that enables them to digitally transform so they can evolve as their business requirements change. We often find that organisations are held back by their existing financial management platform and legacy solutions, and this can be for a variety...

Posted by Cameron Linnett - 07 September 2023

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