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The Top 5 Expense Claim Headaches

Why Mid-Market Companies Will Move to the Cloud

Need ERP Business Intelligence for financial reports? Here's what you need to ask

Streamlining the Insurer Statement Reconciliation Process with BlackLine

Infor SunSystems V6.3: The Future of Financial Software Solutions

How to end the nightmare of working with legacy finance systems

Could Ignition Select have avoided closure with better fraud prevention technology?

Meeting Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry with Sharperlight

What's New in Sharperlight v4.6?

Time to Replace Management Reporter?

The Modern CFO: How to Lead Your Team into a New Era of F&A

5 Ways to Improve Account Reconciliations

3 Major Issues with Balance Sheet Reconciliations

CFOs Reach High, Fall Short

The CFO's Challenge

How to Modernise Your Finance Technology Stack: A Three-Part Game Plan

Compliance Risk & The Fast-Growing Company

5 Ways to Achieve Purchase-to-Pay Savings

Eclipse Exhibiting at The Financial Controllers' Conference 2017 at the ICAEW

Top Tips for Taking Control of Employee Spend

The Hidden Value of RPA For Finance

5 RPA Myths Exposed

What's a Bad Expense Process Really Costing You?

Taking the Pain Out of Employee Expenses

Automating Account Reconciliations: A Quick Business Win

Automating the Management of Finance & Accounting Tasks: A Quick Business Win

Automating Transaction Matching: A Quick Business Win

Why Modern Finance?

You Can Do A Lot With A Spreadsheet. But Should You? 

Embedded In-Line Reporting Can Accelerate Business Performance

Achieving Fully Automated Bank Reconciliations - Is It Possible?

What Are The Key Benefits of the Infor d/EPM Platform?

What is the Infor Xi Platform?

How to Link Spend Control Actions to Strategic Initiatives

How Do You Define the Full Financial Close vs Closing the Books?

The New World of Corporate Accounting

Today More Than Ever: Business Needs Exceptional Accountants

Data-Driven Accounting

Key Spend Control and eProcurement Goals for 2017

What Are The Strengths of the Infor SunSystems v6.3 Release?

BlackLine Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM)

Liberating Accountants to be Human

What to Expect in the January 2017 Release of PROACTIS P2P

What Robotic Process Automation Really Means for Accountants

Eclipse Announce Latest Support Case Feedback Survey Winner

BlackLine Celebrates Initial Public Offering

What is Infor Document Management?

Infor SunSystems and BlackLine - Improving the Financial Close Process

How the Intercompany Hub Makes the World Smaller

Wingstop Restaurants Successfully Rolls Out Eclipse Royalty Management Solution to Over 650 Franchises

What to Expect in Infor SunSystems v6.3?

Eclipse Launches Royalty Management Solution for Franchisors

What's New in expense@work Version 6?

Why CFOs Need to Care About Modern Finance

5 Benefits of a Supplier Network

8 Benefits of Continuous Accounting

Are You Drowning in Paper, Emails & Phone Calls from Suppliers?

Time to Switch to Continuous Accounting

Over 300 Solutions in Eclipse Support Portal Knowledge Base

5 Reasons to Attend The Eclipse Infor SunSystems User Day 2016

Are All of Your Application Servers Correctly Licensed?

What Are The Key Enhancements in the June 2016 BlackLine Release?

Eclipse Royalty & Rights Management System for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Now Available

How to Connect Buyers & Sellers Together in the Cloud

Do you Require Advanced Reporting for Visibility into Your Financial Close Processes?

Is Your Financial Close Process Automated and Under Control?

What is Continuous Accounting?

Looking for a Simple and Easy-to-Use Reporting Tool?

Eclipse Launch Support Portal Knowledge Base

Time to Tackle Tail Spend?

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Now Available

Are You a Small Business Accountant Bogged Down with Tedious, Manual Accounting Operations?

systems@work Version 5.0.4 Released

Eclipse Support Case Feedback Survey Winner Announced

Accessing Data in the Cloud

What is Indirect Spend and How Can it be Controlled?

Have Auditors Highlighted Control Deficiencies Around Your Financial Close Processes?

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: What to Expect

How Do You Gain Control of the Purchasing Process?

7 Neglected Accounts Payable Costs

Highlights of B4Bv6, the Latest Release of the Payment Management Tool

Modern Finance: Taking the Period End Digital

Put a Spotlight on Supplier Risk Management

Adopting Account Reconciliation Best Practices for a Stronger Financial Close

A Slave to Inefficiency with a Tendency to Repeat Yourself?

How to Minimise Mistakes & Prevent Fraud at Year-End

Eclipse Launches an Infor SunSystems to BlackLine Enhanced Finance Controls & Automation Connector

How to Improve Your Year-End Close

systems@work Version 5.0 Released

What Does Modern Finance Mean For the Accountant?

What Does Modern Finance Mean For the Financial Controller?

What Does Modern Finance Mean For the CFO?

What’s New in the November 2015 BlackLine Release?

How Can Companies Achieve 'Modern Finance' Status?

What Are The Infor SunSystems Sessions At Inforum 2015?

systems@work Version 4.8.6 Released

Time to Automate Your Reconciliation Process?

3 Reasons to Have an Updated Account Reconciliations Policy

How Can Automating Supplier Interaction Reduce the Load on Accounts Payable?

4 Major Enhancements in the Latest BlackLine Release

How Confident Are You in Your Financial Close Process?

6 Important Things to Look for in a Financial Close Solution

BlackLine v7.4 Release: New Features

The Latest Vision for Infor SunSystems

Have You Registered For the Eclipse Client Conference 2015 Yet?

How Can Automating Reconciliations Help To Ensure a Fast, Clean Close?

systems@work Version 4.8.5 Released

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support Draws Closer

5 Benefits of Using Automated Financial Close Software

10 Features to Look For in an Employee Expense Management Solution

Is Your Finance System Crafted Around The Way You Work?

PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay v14: What's New?

Eclipse Launch New Support Portal

Supporting the Modern Finance Agenda

Petty Cash Management and Petty Cash Reconciliation

ION Integration Between time@work and SunSystems

Finance Department Budgets: How Best to Invest in 2015

Key New Features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

General Ledger Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliations

Account Reconciliations

Credit Card Reconciliations

How Many Days in Your Financial Close?

Account Reconciliations Giving You a Headache?

3 Reasons to Attend Our 'Automating the Financial Close' Seminar

8 Reasons to Get Your Suppliers Online

How to Prevent Unauthorised Purchases

Is Your Accounting Stuck in the Dark Ages?

Need More Visibility Over Your Financial Close?

Eclipse Partners with BlackLine to Provide Finance Controls and Automation Software Solutions

Are You Wasting Time and Money Buying From the Wrong Supplier?

systems@work Version 4.8.3 Released

Do You Have Visibility into Your Business Processes?

How to Create Truly Auditable Financial Reports Using Excel

Are you too busy to meet your Account Manager?

3 Reasons to Centralise the Management of Your Supplier Contracts

6 Indicators Your Business Processes are Inefficient

Transform Big Data into Big Business Benefits

How to Select a Best Value Supplier

How Accurate is Your Supplier Base?

5 Ways BPM Adds Value to ERP

systems@work Version 4.8.2 Released

What Are the Important Elements to Look for in a BI Solution?

What Does Integrated End-to-End eProcurement Look Like?

5 Key Skills a Modern CFO Needs

Top Business Process Management Myths to Avoid

How to Quickly & Easily Improve Your Organisation's Level of Spend Control

Address Your Immediate Spend Control Concerns with the PROACTIS Jump-Start Packages

Can Business Process Management Software Help Ensure Regulatory Compliance?

Why Implement a Business Process Management Solution?

What is Infor Query & Analysis Evolve?

What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2?

The Eclipse Client Conference 2014 Highlights

How Do You Report from Legacy Accounting Systems?

6 Reasons to Attend the Eclipse Client Conference 2014

Business Intelligence (BI) Software for Non-technical People - Myth or Reality?

Is Your Business Affected By Mandatory Carbon Reporting?

Access the New Sharperlight Demo Platform

Infor SunSystems V6.2. Release: What to Expect

Attend the Eclipse Client Conference 2014

Automating Document Management for a Positive ROI

The Pros and Cons of Self-service Reporting

5 Ways Social Business Collaboration Can Boost Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: 5 Business Benefits

5 Reasons to Automate Employee Expenses

6 Ways To Transform Your Business Processes

A Simple Solution For Big Data

What's Next For Infor SunSystems?

Modernise Data Processing And Improve Decision Making With Infor ION BI

What Makes Sharperlight Different From Other Reporting Solutions?

Enhancing Business Processes With Infor ION Workflow And Events

Benefits Of Implementing A Document Management System

10 Ways Sharperlight Can Improve Your Reporting Process

Addressing Document Management System Myths

Introducing Social Business Collaboration With Infor Ming.le™

Finance Automation Is Overdue

What's New With Infor 10x SunSystems?

Five Ways You Can Automate Financial Processes

Sage End Of Life: Time To Consider An Alternative Solution?

Automating Procurement For Quick Business Benefits

Top Tips To Improve Efficiency In The Finance Department

Controlling Costs With Employee Expense Management Software

Getting Your Head Around Spend Control

Researching The Future Of Efficient Finance

Why Upgrade To Infor10 SunSystems?

5 Signs Your Organisation Has Outgrown Sage

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