This latest blog post forms part of a series of posts centred around the recently launched SunSystems Cloud financial management platform and Infor Operating Service (Infor OS). We have already explored how Infor OS enhances SunSystems and the business benefits associated with SunSystems Cloud. This post is here to help organisations who are interested in SunSystems Cloud and want to find out more about what you get for your investment.

question_markTo recap, SunSystems Cloud is Infor's much-awaited multi-tenant SaaS financial management platform, launched in 2022 after many years of development. The subscription-based cloud solution runs on the Infor OS enterprise digital platform and is available to all organisations, regardless of their size.

SunSystems Cloud is an attractive offering, which is more cost effective and efficient when compared to in-house on premise or hosted cloud systems. Costs are simplified as organisations do not have to consider any hardware and software costs, IT resources, the various environments and dependencies required to update the software, or license or maintenance costs. A subscription to SunSystems Cloud includes all these aspects, freeing up both capital and operational expenditure for your organisation.

What Does a SunSystems Cloud Investment Comprise?
In summary, a SunSystems Cloud investment comprises the following components:

  • Infor-SunSystems-logo-3Annual Recurring Fees
    o    Annual SaaS Subscription

  • One-Off Services
    o    Application Configuration Design and Build
    o    Data Migration/Upload
    o    User Training
    o    UAT and Go-Live Assistance

infor_OS_logoThe annual SunSystems Cloud subscription provides the user with access to all of the following pre-installed Infor OS and SunSystems modules:

On top of this, as part of the annual SaaS subscription fee, Infor provide 24/7 support which includes pro-active system monitoring, software upgrades, application and infrastructure maintenance, disaster recovery, enhanced security and much, much more.

SunSystems Cloud Subscription Fees
The annual subscription fee is based on a combination of the number of named users and business units (legal entities) required. Fees are payable annually in advance and are fixed for the term of the subscription (typically 3-5 years). Additional named users and business units can be added at any time and the costs for these will be pro-rated across the remaining period of the term.

Implementation Services Fees
The costs for implementation services will vary depending on the complexity of the business requirements, modules to be implemented and the availability of the organisations’ own resources to work on the project.

One key point to note here is that all of the time required to get the solution up and running is focused 100% on configuring the application software to meet the business needs - no IT resource time is required to configure servers, databases, security, anti-virus/malware etc. because this is already provided, fully configured as part of the subscription fee.  All that is needed from an IT perspective is that the users have access to an internet connection and a browser.

SunSystems Cloud Deployment Timeframes
Typical deployment timeframes and costs will vary depending on numerous factors, including the number and complexity of the legal entities to be implemented, combined with the specific modules to be configured.

As an example, a small financials only implementation for an organisation operating domestically, could be up and running within 3-6 weeks of the project start date, whereas a larger financials implementation for an organisation with multiple business units operating internationally could be up and running within 12-20 weeks.

SunSystems Cloud Benefits
The benefits of using SunSystems Cloud go beyond cost savings. Since the system is fully managed by Infor, you as a customer are not responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the system. This represents not only a significant cost and time saving to the customer, but also provides peace of mind to the organisation's executives, management and users alike.

With SunSystems Cloud (as with other SaaS systems), businesses can access their financial data from anywhere with just an internet connection, making it easier to manage their finances remotely. Additionally, with its breadth and depth of functionality, SunSystems Cloud can be quickly configured to meet business needs covering finance and business system integrations, document management, workflow and approval processes and business collaboration.

For those organisations who are on a growth path, the subscription-based model is very attractive as it allows businesses to easily scale up (add users, business units etc.) very quickly depending on their needs.

Why Choose Eclipse as Your SunSystems Cloud Partner?
eclipse-logoChoosing SunSystems Cloud as your cloud finance system is only part of the decision-making process. It is crucial to select an Infor partner that can best support the needs of your organisation now and into the future. To date, we’ve worked with over 2,000 organisations in 70+ countries and look forward to new opportunities to help organisations streamline their finance and accounting processes.

  • As a long-standing Infor partner spanning over 35 years, we are dedicated to all things SunSystems, and have our own SunSystems Cloud team.
  • We use SunSystems Cloud to manage our own financials, so we really are invested in the solution ourselves.
  • While there are numerous organisations providing SunSystems on their own managed Cloud environments, we believe that the Infor hosted SunSystems Cloud combined with our service-focused approach provides organisations with a very low risk, future proof and cost-effective solution.
  • Service makes all the difference as to whether a project is successful or fails. We help organisations leverage the SunSystems Cloud and all its features and functionality to streamline processes and improve efficiency to ensure that they get the most out of their investment.
  • Since the implementation of SunSystems to our first customer back in 1987 (who is still a customer today using SunSystems world-wide), we have established a proven track record of successfully implementing and supporting SunSystems to organisations of all sizes, both domestically and internationally.

If you would like to get an understanding of the timeframes, initial and ongoing costs to implement SunSystems Cloud for your organisation please get in touch on +44 (0)203 866 8800, or send an email.

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