bi_softwareYour business generates massive amounts of data daily. From sales figures to cost projections to general operational data, it can be overwhelming just to keep track of it all, much less make sense of it. Fortunately, there are a variety of software options available to take this raw data and turn it into meaningful reports to show what's going on in your company.

Unfortunately, these platforms can be costly, take a long time to work, and are often complicated to operate. Isn't there such thing as simple, cost-effective Business Intelligence software for non-technical people?

On-Time Reporting
Many Business Intelligence software platforms track every figure, every transaction, and every bit of data that flows through your company. They then turn this data into comprehensive reports the size of phone books. First of all, going through these reports isn't much better than sifting through the raw data. For another thing, data mining like this is costly and time-consuming. What you need is software that’s more flexible. You need a software reporter tool that can define the specific information you want to work with and organize it in a simple, straightforward manner that you can access on demand.

On-time reporting allows you to create the reports you need that outline the information that's important to what's currently happening in your company. On-time reporting can adapt to the internal and external factors that change your company's information needs. It presents information quickly and clearly, without relying on unwieldy spreadsheets full of long, extraneous datasets.

The Eclipse software solution Sharperlight is designed with on-time reporting and agile business intelligence in mind. Easy to use, even for non-technical people, it gives you greater control over your Business Intelligence data. Sharperlight consolidates multiple data streams into a simple query engine that allows you to perform data analysis across multiple applications simultaneously, simply by searching for the data you need. And it provides drill down functionality that lets you zero in on a particular set of information in greater detail when you need it, producing simple overviews or detailed reports on demand.

Sharperlight is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing BI system, to avoid the hassle of completely replacing your existing software solution. It enhances, rather than eliminates, your current BI strategy and is designed to grow and evolve over time, based on your company's ever-changing data needs and requirements.

On-time reporting and agile business intelligence software can simplify things considerably for your company. Simple, fast, flexible, and cost-effective, it eliminates complicated spreadsheets and allows you to turn reams of raw data into the clear, concise information that you need on demand. Straightforward, user-friendly BI software for non-technical people may seem too good to be true. But it does exist, and it's one of the best investments your company can make.

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