At our recent Infor SunSystems User Day Infor took us through the upcoming release of Infor SunSystems v6.3, which looks set to deliver some exciting new features and functionality.

Due for release in Autumn 2016, Infor SunSystems v6.3 runs on the Infor Xi platform, which includes ION, Ming.le, homepages, IDM, ION and other components delivering improved system administration, greater application integration, enhanced collaboration and analytical capabilities.

Here is a rundown of the new features and core enhancements in SunSystems v6.3 and the benefits they can bring to your organisation.

New features:

  1. Infor Document Management (IDM)
    IDM enables SunSystems clients to attach and view documents of any kind, contextually to the record that they are working on. IDM provides a platform for document collaboration, document repository and archive. The solution helps with ensuring compliance and audit, integrating complex documents from different sources, providing secure storage and increasing productivity.
  2. Customer & Supplier Web Portals
    Clients and suppliers can securely access via an open framework web portal, details of invoices, orders and print and save copy invoices and inquire on balances. The portals provide access to SunSystems information without having to be a SunSystems user. This feature will only be available to v6.2 and v6.3 users initially.
  3. Requisitioning
    New functionality will enable SunSystems clients to create a purchase requisition within SunSystems itself. This new feature integrates with Ming.le and IDM so context can be added directly to requisitions.

Core enhancements:

  • New static data on-boarding
    In SunSystems v6.3 you can control the on-boarding of new static data (chart of accounts, analysis codes, assets etc) whereby reference data can be automatically created as a draft and cannot be used in processing until reviewed and approved.
  • Improved multi-currency functionality
    You can review Currency Rate Types and enhanced controls for use with Ledger Entry/Import, Ledger Revaluation and Payment/Collection runs.
  • Withholding Tax
    Withholding Tax functionality has now been incorporated into the core solution and enhanced to manage multiple tax types and exemptions.
  • Enhanced homepages
    Information is consolidated into a single source and offers personalised tools that allow users to work in the most efficient way possible.
  • Usability improvements
    Usability improvements have been made to configuration management, business unit administration, scalability, performance and web-enablement.

SunSystems v6.3 will be available shortly and has already sparked much interest from our clients. For further information on the release or SunSystems in general (also known as Sun Account/Sun Accounts), call us on +44 (0)203 866 8800 or view our recent webinar recording:

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