gain_visibilityIt is important for organisations to have full visibility into the processes that drive their businesses as it can show if the processes in place are accurate and consistent. Business process visibility is described by TechTarget as, ‘…the ability to accurately and completely view the processes, transactions and other activities operating within an enterprise’. Visibility is essential for ensuing that business processes are carried out in line with an organisation’s objectives. Full visibility can help to control costs, which is of vital importance for all organisations, now more than ever. Time and resources wasted by employees can represent a significant cost and one that organisations can simply not afford to take.

So how can organisations gain business process visibility?

Organisations can leverage business process management suites (BPMS) to gain visibility into their processes and identify inefficiencies. Staff can understand the costs associated with poor business processes and make improvements to reduce those inefficiencies and perform better going forward. BPMS projects typically consist of a process understanding stage, which involves creating process documentation, followed by continuous process improvement, where by processes are monitored, standardised and optimised.

Key benefits of gaining visibility through a BPMS:

  • Increased efficiency – With full visibility into your business processes you can continuously look to improve and optimise your processes in order to reach a higher level of efficiency. This helps to reduce unwanted costs and remove unnecessary manual steps, which can be time consuming and lead to errors.
  • Greater transparency – Process execution is visible to everyone in the organisation and is more readily monitored.
  • Improved quality – There is greater consistency as employees follow the same optimised and standardised processes, which in turn can reduce costs.
  • Increased agility – With full visibility you can respond faster to changes in business conditions and update multiple processes easily.

A solution such as the UXC Eclipse Business Process Solution (BPS) can provide an organisation with a means to gain business process visibility and go beyond that to improve and optimise processes. With BPS, you can fully understand your business processes and maximise their impact in line with your business solutions. BPS consists of a structured information system that maps the relationships between processes, departments, systems, rules etc. across single or multiple locations.

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