application_server.jpgSome organisations require multiple active application servers in their production environment, this may be to achieve acceptable performance levels. The application servers may share the same database or have their own database. Multiple servers can include, disaster recovery servers (DR), reporting servers, test servers, development servers and archive servers.

It is important to ensure that each application server is appropriately licensed, whether it is active or inactive and in our experience the licensing of non-production servers can often be overlooked. When it comes to Infor, non-production server pricing applies, which is based upon the total number of licences required for the solution on all servers.

In the case of an Infor user-based application, an organisation requesting server 1 with 50 users, server 2 with 100 users and server 3 with 150 users will be charged for 300 users. It doesn’t matter whether an organisation is running one or three active application servers in their production environment; the licence fee is based upon the total number of employees using the software. It is however important to note that some solutions have specific pricing for backup/test servers, which overrules the above regular pricing policy.

Here at Eclipse, we endeavour to ensure that all of our clients understand that they need their application servers correctly licensed. Obtaining the correct licensing should not be difficult or daunting and could save you a lot of headache just by paying some attention to understand the rules and maintain them.

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