One of the UK’s leading housing associations which provides homes in London and the South East has transformed their data with Sharperlight from Eclipse.

The client was undertaking an upgrade project involving their SunSystems financial management solution from SunSystems v4 to SunSystems v6. As part of the upgrade, they needed to reformat historical transactions from SunSystems v4 to SunSystems v6. Their existing business solutions did not have the functionality to meet this requirement.

They selected the Sharperlight reporting and business intelligence platform through Eclipse as their data transformation tool to simplify the migration between SunSystems v4 and SunSystems v6. Sharperlight was set up quickly, in less than 5 days spread over a few weeks. 

Before Sharperlight was implemented the data transformation was all being managed through Excel spreadsheets. This posed a number of problems; the data was not auditable, there was a danger of mappings being accidentally modified or deleted and the sheer volume of transactions to re-map was simply not manageable in a spreadsheet environment.

Sharperlight was configured to store all the data mappings in central tables. The source data was then extracted from SunSystems V4, remapped on the fly and loaded into a staging database where it was ready to be extracted and transferred to SunSystems v6. This method was automated from start to finish using the Sharperlight Materialized Query and Scheduler tools.

The company has benefitted significantly from Sharperlight in that it has sped up the whole data transformation process. There is now a clear audit trail and data extracts can be re-processed on demand in whole or in part if required. There is a structured, repeatable and fully automated process in place.

They are already looking to implement Sharperlight over their Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution as well as set up a Sharperlight DataModel for their bespoke property management system. They will then benefit further by leveraging Sharperlight’s web reports and dashboards and using its ability to report across multiple systems at the same time to produce aggregated data sets and real-time reconciliation reports.

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