The new Infor OS Portal is a web-based platform providing access to various Infor applications, widgets and tools. It empowers Infor users to streamline workflows, improve productivity and collaboration, and ultimately, to work more efficiently.

infor_os_portalThe Infor OS Portal has a refreshed look and feel and acts as a central hub for streamlining operations through collaboration, tasks, alerts, workflows, mobility and more across multiple Infor applications. It provides a gateway to the Infor CloudSuite experience, with integrated enterprise applications which help to streamline communication and provide contextual information sharing.

The portal is extremely user-friendly, with streamlined navigation, secure collaboration and personalised settings, such as configurable workspaces tailored towards the responsibilities and tasks of a specific job role. Users can even benefit from an AI powered digital assistant.

The new Infor OS Portal makes it easier than ever for organisations to boost their digital transformation journey by maximising productivity through seamless collaboration.

Check out the video:

To find out more about the new Infor OS Portal, please call +44 (0)203 866 8800, send us an email, alternatively download a brochure to learn more about the wider Infor OS platform:

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