Professional Advantage - Datasheets

Professional Advantage

Please click on the links to view the enhancement modules for Infor SunSystems and Microsost Dynamics GP. Call us on +44 (0)203 866 8800 for further information, or download the Infor whitepapers.

Professional Advantage - Advanced Inquiry

Advanced Inquiry for SunSystems offers the most powerful and ad hoc inquiry functionality for interrogating ledgers.


Professional Advantage - B4B

B4B for Infor SunSystems provides a link between the payables module within SunSystems and your bank for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) software or internet banking. B4Bv6 is web enabled to allow deployment through a range of browsers.

Professional Advantage - Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation for Infor SunSystems provides a complete system for easily maintaining your current bank position.

Professional Advantage - Collect

A debtor management module specifically designed to provide companies with unparalled credit managment and debt collector functionality.


Professional Advantage - Consolidations

Consolidations for SunSystems fits your corporate structure with unlimited levels, currencies and ownership models.

Professional Advantage - Contract Service Billing (CSB)

CSB is designed for recurring contract invoicing, recurring services invoices and ad-hoc invoices for SunSystems.

Professional Advantage - eRemit

eRemit for SunSystems automates the distribution suppliers' payment remittances and customers collection advices.