Spend Control & eProcurement

The Challenges

In many organisations, accounts payable staff process a large number of purchase order and invoice transactions daily. These transactions often originate from paper-based documents and require a great amount of administrative effort to prepare, code, distribute for authorisation and ultimately post into the finance system. Such processes are extremely inefficient.         

We provide solutions from Proactis and Infor to help organisations overcome their spend control inefficiencies.      


We have been a Proactis partner since 2005, and have been implementing and supporting Infor solutions since 1987.


Lack of Spend Visibility

You have a lack of spend visibility and transparency over the way your organisation buys goods and services at both a corporate purchasing and employee expense level.


High Levels of Uncontrolled Spend

You have high levels of uncontrolled spend associated with poor, un-standardised purchasing processes. Staff purchase goods without proper authorisation, purchases are made from non-preferred suppliers and there is no visibility of purchasing commitments. To add to this, costs can be attributed to the wrong accounts or departments, critical purchases are delayed and productivity is lost as purchases take too long.


High Purchasing Costs

You need to minimise the total cost of the goods and services you buy. You need to reduce the cost of the way you buy goods and services. This includes the actual cost of the goods and services, the internal operational costs of obtaining them and the costs that occur when there is a delay in delivery, less than expected quality, or when any form of liability is passed from a supplier to the organisation.


Excessive Manpower

You spend excessive manpower on invoice processing, PO, personal expense claim handling and document archiving and retrieval.

What We Do

Our Spend Control solutions help organisations achieve greater bottom-line value by automating and streamlining purchasing processes. Our eProcurement solutions enable you to leverage your organisation’s full buying power, gain best value agreements and maximise the percentage of ‘spend under management’.


We engage with our clients to determine their high-level business and technical requirements and design an initial project plan.


We build and deploy Spend Control and eProcurement solutions that meet the requirements of the client.


We provide ongoing support, training and strategic reviews to ensure the smooth running of our client’s operation.

Our Approach

The Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework is the embodiment of our own best practice, enabling us to deliver solutions to organisations in an extremely efficient and cost effective way.


The Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework comprises 7 distinct stages: Engage; Plan; Design; Build; Deploy; Support; Optimise. We provide extensive training and support throughout the Lifecycle Services Framework cycle.

Each stage of the lifecycle has specific outputs and deliverables, which means that your organisation can clearly see what they are paying for at the point of engagement. It also ensures you have peace of mind knowing that there will be no shortcuts even if we are capable of delivering our solutions faster and more efficiently than traditionally expected. Download the Eclipse Lifecycle Services Framework brochure.

Software We Use

We provide a range of Spend Control and eProcurement solutions, including: Proactis Spend Control, Proactis Procurement Control and Infor Expense Management.

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"Proactis stood out because it was flexible enough to be able to handle our diverse processes using out-of-the-box software."


Max Beddard, Finance Director
Bauer Publishing Group

"eInvoicing is no longer a ‘project’ – it’s business as usual. Processes have been streamlined. We’re making substantial savings each year and lifted a significant workload from Accounts Payable staff and from across the business as a whole."


Nicole Edbrooke, Head of Purchase to Pay
Essex County Council

Customer Testimonial

"Proactis stood out as the only solution capable of delivering the level of control we needed without being too complex to extend to such a large number of non-financial users’’.

Tim Fuery, Assistant Director of Finance, University of Birmingham