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Infor SunSystems

With Infor SunSystems, you’ll have access to today’s best financial management practices and the power to address your key financial system and business challenges.


Infor SunSystems - why move your financial software to the cloud?

Infor SunSystems's cloud-based financials software provides businesses with the kind of agile platform that enables organisations to respond swiftly to emerging challenges and take advantage of opportunities and changing organisational requirements.


Top reasons to upgrade to Infor SunSystems Cloud

The new release of Infor SunSystems Cloud offers advanced tools that enable you to work faster, more flexibly and more efficiently.


Infor Dynamic Enterprise Perfomance Management (Infor d/EPM)

Companies of all sizes around the globe rely on Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) to better monitor, measure, and manage their business.


Infor BI

Infor BI sits at the core of the Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM), Infor's integrated suite of financial performance management applications, packaged analytics, and compliance tools that operates across your underlying systems.


Infor SunSystems Query and Analysis

A dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency set of business application tools that is powerful, flexible, secure and easy to use.


Infor Document Management (IDM)

With IDM, you can increase productivity by integrating all of your business documents with your core business processes inside your ERP system or business application.


Infor Reporting
Infor reporting helps business users solve the problems that make the biggest contributions to achieving great results.


Infor OS

The Infor® OS Technology Foundation is the design, development, and runtime execution environment for the next-generation Infor applications. Infor OS is a technology platform strategy that prescribes a set of guidelines for all Infor applications and technology products, as they move to the next generation.