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[email protected] provides employee expense management software in the form of [email protected] and time recording and billing software in the form of [email protected] Both solutions are multi-currency, multi-country and multi-lingual and can be configured to meet your needs, without software change.

Following the MP's Expenses Scandal in 2010, [email protected] was chosen by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) as the new system for managing MP's expenses.  .

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[email protected] automates the entire employee expenses claim process and integrates with all major financial systems, such as Infor Sunsystems and Microsoft Dynamics GP. The solution provides configured expense management to suit your own authorisation processes, policies, accounting requirements and analytical needs.

Organisations utilising [email protected] ensure internal and regulatory expense management compliance, exceptional financial control and powerful expenses reporting.

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[email protected] enables professional services organisations to streamline processes such as timesheets, expenses, billing, planning, resource allocation, reporting and accounting, and provides managers with tools for detailed analysis of KPIs such as utilisation, realisation, fee variance, activity variance, work in progress and other key indicators. The solution interfaces to any accounting system.

Organisations utilising [email protected] benefit from up-to-date measures of project profitability, utilisation and efficiency.

Customer Testimonial

“We are particularly happy about the continued development plans for the product and we are confident that [email protected] will scale and evolve to meet the changing Information Technology requirements at Lloyd’s”.

Andy Tomsett, Project Manager at Lloyds

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