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Infor SunSystems and BlackLine - Improving the Financial Close Process

Make no mistake, Infor SunSystems is one of the best finance and business management solutions available on the market today. Having worked with SunSystems for more years than I care to remember, I really am a true advocate for this product.

Posted by Gary Waylett - 19 October 2016

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Looking for a Simple and Easy-to-Use Reporting Tool?

Many organisations have reporting and analytics tools which lack the functionality required to meet their reporting requirements. Reporting tools can be complicated to use and difficult for staff to work productively with. Companies could benefit from a simple and easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence platform in order to work more efficiently.

Posted by Emma Mitchell - 27 May 2016

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What Does Modern Finance Mean For the Financial Controller?

Following on from our recent blog post where we explored the concept of Modern Finance, we now take a look at what Modern Finance means for the Financial Controller. To recap, Modern Finance is all about automating mundane, repetitive finance and accounting processes and adopting best practices to work more efficiently.

Posted by Emma Mitchell - 23 November 2015

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