infor ming.leThe terms ‘productivity’ and ‘social media’ are not always put together, but helping people work more efficiently is one of the key elements of social business technology. Infor Ming.le™ is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration that helps unify business applications and their data into a single intuitive interface to improve productivity amongst employees.

We take a look at 5 key ways in which social business collaboration can boost productivity in the workplace, providing Infor Ming.le as an example:

  1. Reduces reliance on email
    According to a 2012 McKinsey Global report, the average information worker spends a staggering 28% of the working week managing email. Infor Ming.le removes reliance on email by providing an alternative channel for delivering relevant data to employees. The solution captures vital corporate knowledge that can be lost through email and instant messaging, tracking communications transparently in the context of business processes and providing a clear audit trail.
  2. Provides easy access to corporate knowledge
    According to the same McKinsey report, employees spend nearly 20% of their working week looking for internal information. With Infor Ming.le a variety of types of information, from documents to discussions, are kept in a centralised location, providing easy access for staff and drastically reducing time spent searching.
  3. Enables employees to quickly and easily connect to each other
    Infor Ming.le takes information contained in applications to connect employees to their functions and responsibilities. The platform is integrated to the data in the application and so when users interact, a map of the relationships between employees and business objects is created, forming a business social graph. 
  4. Provides a platform for in-context collaboration
    With Infor Ming.le, employees can easily collaborate in context. Embedded intelligence in Infor Ming.le shows contextual and other pertinent information to users on data, conversation trails, project plans etc. that employees can collaborate on, directly within the application.
  5. Resolves problems quickly
    With Infor Ming.le, problems that arise can be flagged up immediately in the application itself, allowing issues to be resolved in an instant. Identified objects, ranging from purchase orders to power generators, provide real-time updates to interested parties across the organisation, directly through the application. Users can subscribe to these updates, receiving an alert upon every action and interaction related to the object, with each stored in an auditable trail in the feed.

The benefits of social business collaboration can not only make staff more productive by saving time and allowing them to collaborate more easily, but can improve overall performance in the process. For further information, download this whitepaper entitled, ‘From Nice-to-have to Necessity’:

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