Eclipse-6-Reasons-to-Attend-the-Eclipse-Client-Conference-2014With our client conference scheduled for Tuesday 25th February 2014 at the DoubleTree Hilton – Tower of London, we take a look at 6 reasons why we think you should attend:

  1. Solution Roadmap Presentations – Helping you to plan for the future
    In order to make best use of the business software you own, not only is it important to understand the existing functionality and capabilities, it is essential that you know where the product is heading and the potential business benefits any new developments can bring to your organisation. The Solution Roadmap presentations will provide the information required to keep you in the know about what is to come, enabling you to plan for the future.
  2. Solution Presentations – Identifying ways to improve efficiency and streamline processes
    We will be running sessions covering the latest modules and products that have been added to our business solution portfolio. The focus of each session is to give a taste of how these modules and solutions can help organisations to improve efficiency and streamline processes in and around the finance function.
  3. Tips and Tricks Sessions – Enhance your product knowledge
    Aimed at solution users a number of interactive sessions hosted by Eclipse and business partner consulting team members have been scheduled to take place throughout the day. These sessions will focus on sharing tips and tricks that will help users to get the most from their software.
  4. Software Authors in Attendance – Meet and provide feedback to the Software Authors
    Representatives from Infor, PROACTIS, V1, Sharperlight, systems@work and Professional Advantage will be presenting at the event and will be available to speak with you throughout the day. This will provide all delegates with a great opportunity to meet directly with the software authors and provide them with any ideas they may have to improve/enhance their products.
  5. Meet other Eclipse clients – Discuss experiences and exchange ideas with your peers
    Attending the event will be representatives from other Eclipse clients, many of whom will be using the same solutions as your organisation, or may be using solutions that your organisation is planning to implement. In either case, this event provides a great opportunity for you to discuss your experiences and exchange ideas.
  6. Meet the Eclipse Team – Put a face to a name!
    Last and by no mean least, members from all areas of the Eclipse team will be in attendance at the event. This is a great opportunity for both us and you to put that all-important face to a name. Additionally, if you would like to discuss anything specific (whatever the topic) with a member of the team, please let us know and we will schedule a one-to-one session with you.

This is our shortlist of key reasons to attend our biggest client event of 2014. We are sure that you will find the event useful and we hope that the day is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

We hope you can join us.

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