Fri 20th June

PROACTIS have launched a set of Jump-Start Packages that enable Finance and Procurement Executives to take control of their immediate spend control concerns quickly and easily.

With a PROACTIS Jump-Start Package, a spend control initiative doesn't have to be a huge financial commitment and time-consuming process. Organisations with limited resources can improve their visibility and spend control through a structured approach using accounts payable software systems and expert advice.

Finance and Procurement teams can quickly and cost-effectively address the following key elements of Spend Control to gain significant and sustainable results:

For Finance:

  • Simplify the purchasing process while ensuring compliance
  • Reduce the cost of AP by automating approval of valid invoices
  • Dramatically reduce paper handling and manual data entry
  • Speed expense reimbursement for employees

For Procurement:

  • Quickly gain and keep a handle on your suppliers
  • Increase your capacity to perform successful sourcing events
  • Find, store and manage all your supplier contracts
  • Enable employees to find and buy from established sources

Over the coming months we will be running a new webinar series in conjunction with PROACTIS, consisting of a range of 'No-Brainer' actions that cover different elements of Spend Control that can be addressed quickly with a Jump-Start package for fast results. Look out for these on our website.

For further information, why not check out the PROACTIS Jump-Start Package Guides. Alternatively, contact us on +44 (0)203 058 100.

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