Mon 16th March

End-of-support for Windows Server 2003 is Tuesday 14th July 2015.

In less than 4 months' time, Windows Server 2003/2003R2 will reach end-of-support. The result of this is that Microsoft will no longer provide updates, security patches and hotfixes for the operating system. This could lead to significant security and compliance risks.

Make sure you protect your business data, whether on-site, in the cloud, or on mobile devices, by migrating to a more modern platform today. The benefits to upgrading include enhancements to productivity, efficiency and security. Migrating to Windows Server 2012 means your business can take advantage of new features such as virtualisation and disaster recovery, saving your business money and giving you peace of mind.

It is important to be aware that an organisation's infrastructure, database and desktop applications, in conjunction with its business applications, often rely on specific versions of the Microsoft components/applications to operate efficiently. Read our blog post for more information on the complexities and pitfalls that many organisations could face should they not pro-actively monitor Microsoft (and other vendor) end-of-life support dates and plan for the appropriate upgrades.

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