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What Does an Optimised Purchase-to-Pay Process Look Like?

Organisations often face many challenges in their purchase-to-pay (P2P) process. These range from employees making purchases without proper authorisation, purchases being made from unauthorised sources, a lack of purchasing visibility until invoices arrive, costs attributed to the wrong accounts or departments and productivity lost due to excessive time...

Posted by Emma Riley - 26 March 2019

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SunSystems v6.4: What to Expect

SunSystems v6 is now almost 10 years old and continues to improve with new features and functionality. In the upcoming release of SunSystems v6.4 we can expect a number of updates to the solution, including greater integration with other Infor platforms, improved security as well as functional enhancements.

Posted by Emma Riley - 18 March 2019

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Need ERP Business Intelligence for financial reports? Here's what you need to ask

Needing to migrate from a legacy accounting system to an ERP such as SAP Business One is a great sign your business is growing.

Accessing financial data across multiple platforms can cause CFOs all sorts of issues. Choosing the right business intelligence solutions supplier can be tricky. Here are some useful insights to help you find the right business...

Posted by Linda Scott - 26 March 2018

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