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What is Infor OS?

Many organisations have an assortment of disparate, disconnected business applications, which makes a coherent, coordinated effort across a company difficult. To succeed in a digital business era, organisations need to move towards connected technology platforms where integration, analysis and collaboration are easy.

Posted by Emma Riley - 12 November 2018

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Meeting Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry with Sharperlight

In a marketplace with rising global demands, stringent environmental regulations and highly volatile prices, the oil and gas industry is more in need than ever of in-depth business intelligence (BI) if it is to remain successful in the face of its challenges.

However, owing to its often unique organisational structure, this industry commonly faces...

Posted by Richard Hughes - 11 September 2017

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What's New in Sharperlight v4.6?

Sharperlight is a low maintenance, highly flexible reporting and business intelligence platform. What Sharperlight excels at is extracting data in real-time from multiple, often disparate sources while maintaining data validity. The solution combines and/or transforms this data for presentation in attractive and interactive reports and dashboards.


Posted by Emma Riley - 31 August 2017

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